Taking a Break in Asheville, NC

I decided I’d take my husband to Asheville for his 40th birthday.  He had never been and I knew he would love to tour all the breweries there.

First we stopped in Cherokee, NC so we could check out Harrah’s Casino.  We only really couldn’t spend much time there so we each took $20 to gamble.  We were done in 30 minutes.  I don’t see how people can sit there all day, it wasn’t even fun.

Next stop was Sierra Nevada Brewery.  They have all kinds of tours you can take of the brewery and the property around it.  We opted for the free 90 minute basic tour.  (You have to make a reservation for all of them so be sure to do that before you go.)  We checked out the restaurant first.  The menu is basically tapas, you pick 3 or 4 and share.  We ordered the duck fries, tofu curry, and green chile pork.  The food was just ok.  The brewery tour was really cool though.  Their facility there is beautiful and during the tour we got to see and touch all the different hops and at the end of the tour taste all of the beers.  I’m not a beer drinker myself but even I was impressed with this place.

On to Asheville!  We checked in and got settled at our hotel just in time to eat again.  Yay!  I knew the first stop here would be The Southern Kitchen and Bar.  I’d eaten here before on a girls trip and we all loved it.  This time was no different.  Oh my god, it was sooo good.  Everything I’ve had on this menu is amazing! If you don’t eat anywhere else in Asheville just go here.  After we ate we just walked around and saw the city.  It’s a really cool, laid-back place…lots of artsy, eclectic people.

The next day was his birthday so it was all about beer.  First beer stop was Hi-Wire.  It’s a very small place but kinda cool and he enjoyed his beer.  Next was Wicked Weed.  I liked this place because they had a full bar and I could get a drink myself.  It was packed though and loud, which would have been fine a little later in the day but it was still early.  img_5048

We also went to Green Man and Burial Beer breweries and ate at Buxton Hall BBQ.  We ended out night at Jack of the Wood, a celtic pub with fancy pub fare and live bluegrass music.  It was fun and the food was really good too.

We left the next morning, but I wanted to get a hike in on the way home.  I really wanted to see Chimney Rock.  It was only about an hour outside of Asheville and from the top the views are breathtaking.  You can also see an aerial view of Lake Lure, where Dirty Dancing was filmed!img_5075img_5068img_5062img_5063

It was really cool, actually is was really hot…I wished it had been cooler so we could have tried some of the longer trails because we barely made it to the rock.

Overall, we had a great time.  Very relaxed and refreshing trip.


Author: Jenny

I'm a music and book lover. I'm married with 3 dogs.

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