Goat Cheese

goat cheese

I love goat cheese!  I’m always excited when I go out somewhere and find it on a menu.  It’s never occurred to me though to just buy it.

It’s weird how I tend to buy the same groceries over and over again…I guess it is a habit like everything else.  I realized yesterday though that part of creating this new lifestyle will have to be to changing my shopping habits.  I need to explore grocery stores differently now, really look at what I’m buying, maybe spend more time browsing different parts of the store than I used to.  I was always so poor growing up that I’ve sort of created this fear of buying unusual or more expensive items. I’m still not a rich person but I certainly can afford a little goat cheese.

My husband is always telling me I need to not worry so much.  It is kinda hardwired into my character in behalf of my family and their way to find worriment in every situation.  I’m trying to fight this part of me now.  I will never be happy if I focus on all that can go wrong in every situation.

Anyway…my goal this week is to explore new foods.  Try things that I have never tried before and stop buying the foods I don’t even really care for that much but have bought over and over just out of habit.  Today I will start with my goat cheese and strawberries for breakfast.  I can’t wait!


Author: Jenny

I'm a music and book lover. I'm married with 3 dogs.

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