"Diet" Written with Vegetables

This week I think I have to focus on my diet.  I’ve been eating a lot of bad stuff lately because I wasn’t feeling well and was kind of in a bad mood so I let my diet go out the window.  Thankfully, I didn’t gain a bunch of weight so hopefully it won’t be so hard to get out of this slump.

I don’t actually ever go on any kind of diet I just watch my calories and fat intake with My Fitness Pal app.  It really helps if you if you are like me and don’t realize how bad certain foods are for you.  I remember the first time I saw how many calories and fat are in chips and queso. I couldn’t believe it!  I had been just eating them for lunch instead of tacos thinking I was doing good, boy was I wrong!

When you are eating bad foods it can also contribute to depression and lethargy and I was not helping my down mood by eating all the crap I was eating. I found this website today 24 Meals to Seriously Boost Your Mood and I think I’m going to try to use it as a reference this week.  The better my mood is, the more active I usually am also, so that will help me keep up with my exercise too.

Another thing I have to watch is how much alcohol I drink.  I’m not a big drinker at all but all those empty calories add up fast and I get hangovers easily, like after 2 glasses of wine easily, so that isn’t fun for me.

I’m determined though and this week is going to be a good week!


Author: Jenny

I'm a music and book lover. I'm married with 3 dogs.

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