Financial Freedom!


One major cause of anxiety in my life and I’m sure most others is Money.  My husband and I work full-time and own a small home in the suburbs.  We do not spend a lot on frivolous things but we just can’t ever seem to get ahead.  We both save money each month from our paychecks and I also invest a little in the stock market.  When an unexpected expense comes along though, like needing new garage doors, we are hurled into a 6 month-long deficit.

Last year we started using the snowball system with our credit cards and managed to pay off 2  low balanced cards with a total of $6000 on them.  I’ve also started looking into some the minimalist lifestyles.  What methods are you using?  Have you read any books that have really helped you reach financial freedom?


Author: Jenny

I'm a music and book lover. I'm married with 3 dogs.

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