Getting Started

Organizing my path.

Lists: Oh how I love lists!  I have them all over my house is several notebooks. Random thoughts, advice, stuff I’ve read, church sermons but it’s all over the place so I’m going to put all that crap together and organize it. Using colored pencils and a big binder I’m going to break it all up into categories and make it fun. I am changing my life after all might as well add some whimsy. 


Goat Cheese

goat cheese

I love goat cheese!  I’m always excited when I go out somewhere and find it on a menu.  It’s never occurred to me though to just buy it.

It’s weird how I tend to buy the same groceries over and over again…I guess it is a habit like everything else.  I realized yesterday though that part of creating this new lifestyle will have to be to changing my shopping habits.  I need to explore grocery stores differently now, really look at what I’m buying, maybe spend more time browsing different parts of the store than I used to.  I was always so poor growing up that I’ve sort of created this fear of buying unusual or more expensive items. I’m still not a rich person but I certainly can afford a little goat cheese.

My husband is always telling me I need to not worry so much.  It is kinda hardwired into my character in behalf of my family and their way to find worriment in every situation.  I’m trying to fight this part of me now.  I will never be happy if I focus on all that can go wrong in every situation.

Anyway…my goal this week is to explore new foods.  Try things that I have never tried before and stop buying the foods I don’t even really care for that much but have bought over and over just out of habit.  Today I will start with my goat cheese and strawberries for breakfast.  I can’t wait!


"Diet" Written with Vegetables

This week I think I have to focus on my diet.  I’ve been eating a lot of bad stuff lately because I wasn’t feeling well and was kind of in a bad mood so I let my diet go out the window.  Thankfully, I didn’t gain a bunch of weight so hopefully it won’t be so hard to get out of this slump.

I don’t actually ever go on any kind of diet I just watch my calories and fat intake with My Fitness Pal app.  It really helps if you if you are like me and don’t realize how bad certain foods are for you.  I remember the first time I saw how many calories and fat are in chips and queso. I couldn’t believe it!  I had been just eating them for lunch instead of tacos thinking I was doing good, boy was I wrong!

When you are eating bad foods it can also contribute to depression and lethargy and I was not helping my down mood by eating all the crap I was eating. I found this website today 24 Meals to Seriously Boost Your Mood and I think I’m going to try to use it as a reference this week.  The better my mood is, the more active I usually am also, so that will help me keep up with my exercise too.

Another thing I have to watch is how much alcohol I drink.  I’m not a big drinker at all but all those empty calories add up fast and I get hangovers easily, like after 2 glasses of wine easily, so that isn’t fun for me.

I’m determined though and this week is going to be a good week!

Financial Freedom!


One major cause of anxiety in my life and I’m sure most others is Money.  My husband and I work full-time and own a small home in the suburbs.  We do not spend a lot on frivolous things but we just can’t ever seem to get ahead.  We both save money each month from our paychecks and I also invest a little in the stock market.  When an unexpected expense comes along though, like needing new garage doors, we are hurled into a 6 month-long deficit.

Last year we started using the snowball system with our credit cards and managed to pay off 2  low balanced cards with a total of $6000 on them.  I’ve also started looking into some the minimalist lifestyles.  What methods are you using?  Have you read any books that have really helped you reach financial freedom?

Self Help

I’ve been reading a lot of self help books lately.  There is one main focus that many of them all have in common…to not be so self-centered.  In The Book of Joy the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu discuss how important it is to look at life through the eyes of ALL people, to remember there are billions of us all experiencing different difficulties.  When we are focused on ourselves and how things affect us, it leads to a life of stress and anxiety.  If we concentrate on how we can make others happy we will, in fact, become more joyful ourselves.


I started thinking about how everything in the digital age is so fixated on the self.  Just consider how many selfies are posted everyday.  Also, look at how many self improvement posts you see everyday, how to be thin, how to be a better wife, cook, boss, etc.  And I wonder how many personality tests are on the web now.  It is almost impossible these days not to focus on yourself.

The author of The Book of Joy, Douglas Abrams, also explains that we have a physical need to express generosity and our brains respond with greater flurry when we give, than when we receive.  Consider how much fun Christmas is, for me anyway,  I LOVE buying things for family and friends, getting gifts is fun too but I enjoying finding the right present much more than opening mine.

Maybe that’s it, the meaning of life, the secret to joy, is helping others.  Could that be why we are all so depressed and anxious?  Because we are focused too much on our own feelings.

This week, I’m going to adjust my outlook, or try anyway.  I’m not going to worry about every little thing and how it will make me feel.  I’m going to concentrate on how I’m making others feel, how I can bring joy into their lives.  I’m going to volunteer and donate more.  I’m already feeling energized just thinking about it.